We operate on many energy markets, facilitating the relationship between our clients and their target market.


We are preoccupied to provide our partners the best way to reduce energy costs and protecting the environment.


The increase in performance and production optimization are daily tasks for our technicians.

Complete energy trading services and improvement of energy production capacities

Inversolar Energy is one of the most experienced company on the market of renewable energy production projects from Romania and also one of the promoters and it’s development. The solutions we provide are meant to establish new standards regarding the innovation and quality.

Inversolar Energy purchases energy and trades green certificates, offering both complete trading services, and complementary services, which help improve the quality and the yield: forecast, monitoring, maintenance, balance.

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Floating Solar Panels

Recently, it was discovered a new method of operation of photovoltaic panels, which could facilitate in the future a way through which one can benefit from renewable electricity. Floating Solar panels are the optimum solution for different countries small stretch, the saving of land surfaces is important and could provide also huge opportunities for economic […]